Texas News Is Bigger Than Trump

Texas News Is Bigger Than Trump

In the midst of Hurricane Harvey President Trump paid the underwater wasteland a visit to commend local officials on their “epic” reactions to the over 15 Trillion gallons of water that has poured down on the city and surrounding suburbs. There is so much water in fact that portions of Louisiana have been effected by the deluge.

While the water continues to invade Texas residents homes and businesses spirits seem somewhat lifted when Trump said “Texas can handle anything!” giving displaced families in nearby Corpus Christi home that the flood waters will recede soon.

Social Media outlets have been booming too commending and criticizing how Americans far and wide have been reacting to the floods. Small teams of Americans with boats, large trucks and Jeeps have been posting requesting trapped civilians reply with their location and they will come to help. So far over 3500 people have been rescued from the entrapment of the Texas Floods. There was even a caravan of American Civilians that rounded up their trailers and motor homes to provide as much relief as possible to the displaced Houston population. These are the commended Social Media posts. In other words … Texas News is Bigger Than Trump!

Mega Church Denies Proactive Help

Huge criticism came when Joel Olsteen of the Lakewood Christian Church did not proactively address the needs of the community by opening his almost 17,000 seat mega-church to those in need. Only after intense scrutiny did the Church and Olsteen react by saying “when all the emergency shelters are filled we will open the church’. Further scrutiny came from neighboring religious houses which stated that they were accepting any displaced Texans immediately and without question of faith. Since the negative outcry Lakewood Christian Church has not disclosed how many flood victims it has taken in however information has leaked that the Church was preparing accommodations such as food and air mattresses for those in need during the backlash.

Texas Flood Aftermath

The effect of Hurricane Harvey will last for quite some time even after the flood waters subside. The rains are expected to continue for another few days with flash flooding in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and even up into Missouri. News outlets are doing all they can to keep the neighboring state posted on the storm status and issuing warnings as necessary. The estimated dollars in damage have not yet been disclosed but it is guaranteed to be in the Trillions. It is estimated that 80% of Hurricane Harvey flood victims do not have flood insurance leaving majority of flood victims to bear the financial burden of rebuilding. Since flood insurance is a separate policy from homeowners time will tell if relief funding will come from the Government and to what extent.

In closing our hearts and prayers go out to those who have been displaced by the largest Act Of God to hit Texas in over 100 years. If you would like to donate, here are some links.

The Salvation Army

The International Orthodox Christian Charities

The American Red Cross


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