Realizing Trump Gag Gift Necessity

Realizing Trump Gag Gift Necessity

Whether you love or hate Trump realizing Trump gag gift necessity isn’t going to change. For readers that are older lets think back to the Presidents of the past. Every President in history has been the point of a punchline. Reagan and jelly beans, or forgetting. Carter and peanuts. Nixon being a crook. Accordingly, Trumps hair.

Benefit Of Realizing Trump Gag Gift Necessity

I know many Trump supporter who felt achievement when Trump won the presidency. Alternatively I know many Clinton supporters who felt defeated. Consequently in both cases the emotional swing was immense. While the majority have moved on with daily life, it doesn’t take much to get them fired up again. Here in lies the benefit of realizing Trump gag gift necessity. Laughter is always the best medicine. Thus Trump gag gifts should be embraced by both Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump supporters, as long as you stop to realize the humorous tone. Trump himself will frequently poke fun at his humorous points. You should too. That is a lesson we can all learn from. Holding hatred isn’t going to change anything but action will.

Presidential Paper Taking Action is taking action to bridge the gap. As to be expected we get lots of negative comments of social media. However each comment reinforces that we are doing the right thing. By introducing humor with Trump gag gifts, the goal is to encourage a laugh and a hug. PresidentialPaper wants people to come together more than anything else. We believe the best way is through humor and world education rather than politically fueled articles. Lets face it, if politically fueled, hate consumed information is what you are looking for, you’ll find plenty of that elsewhere.

Some Say Trump Gag Gifts Are Offensive

The only person that should take personal offense to a Trump gag gift is Donald Trump. Period. One of our favorite gag gifts is the shirt that says “If You’re Offended I’ll Help You Pack” because that phrase goes both ways. If you’re a Democrat and you’re offended I’ll help you pack. Likewise if your Republican and offended I’ll help you pack. Both side can benefit from laughing. Some of the greatest comedians of all time have been for the most part offensive. Keep in mind what people find most offensive is when deficiencies are brought to the surface. You see, then said deficiencies must be confronted.

Masking Issues With Anger

Most notably what is going on is people start masking issues with anger. When this happens there is no better time to step back and have a laugh. Especially when it is at Trumps expense. Thus the Candle with Trump Hair. As Larry the Cable Guy says, “I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there!”. America today is filled with issues that need a resolution. The best contribution Americans can make is to continue to mend differences. Thus our website. We poke fun at Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump equally. Why? Because it’s hard to be angry and laugh at the same time. And laughter ALWAYS trumps anger.

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