World View On American Freedom Of Speech

Silencing Free Speech

World View On American Freedom Of Speech

Operating a website like without fear of prosecution is an honor. As an American I enjoy the freedom to speak my mind via any media I choose. As a result, freedom prompted me to start this series of articles to give my American Brothers and Sisters a window looking in at themselves. The article series “World View On American Freedom Of Speech” will feature articles written by people in other countries around the world. Countries that do not have the same liberty that we Americans enjoy. Countries that inflict persecution against people that exercise freedom of speech.

My Fellow Americans … Lest We Forget

World View On American Freedom Of SpeechIn our comfortable American environment it is becoming clear that, for the most part, we take our freedom for granted. Facebook post bashing a politician? Americans do not have to think twice about stuff like that. We have a mindset that is open for debate without recourse. In fact, we are encouraged to debate opinions. Americans are taught in grade school to think critically. To challenge that which is outside of your beliefs. Hence this series World View On American Freedom Of Speech. I challenge you to read the articles from those in countries unlike our United States. I invite you to share your ideals compared to the viewpoint of the rest of the world. Involve your friends and family, share this information with them. Talk about how the articles make you feel and what you are going to do to protect your freedom. Consequently you will be protecting our freedom of speech.

Realize Your Freedoms

Articles written by regular people around the world make up the World View On American Freedom Of Speech series. By invitation they are sharing their experience of living in a country without open free speech. The articles have not been re-written so you may find the language to be rough outside of the American English you know. I have purposely left the content in as much of its original format to make it easy for you to appreciate your native speech. After you read the articles take the time to realize your freedom here in America. Particularly when it comes to freedom of speech.

Protecting Our Freedom

Above all, protecting our freedom is the focus of the World View On American Freedom Of Speech articles. You will read cases where freedoms were stripped away. The widening political divide only removes freedom albeit at a snails pace. Americans should be coming together with one voice. Banding together will protect our freedom. A voice of basic necessity. Active and peaceful agreement is the start then projecting that unified voice to the American government.

Prepare To Be Shocked

The stories that follow may shock you. Countries that you thought had freedom of speech actually do not. As I read the submissions I was shocked. They have a pseudo freedom of speech which only applies on paper. In real life these people live in fear of their government. Together we can ensure that Americas future generations do not live in fear.

List Of Articles For World View On American Freedom Of Speech

As submissions come in I will add to this list the list of articles. Bookmark and revisit this page weekly to check for new articles. Please share these articles with your friends and loved ones. Moreover, opinions expressed in these articles are that of non-American citizens. Freedom means something entirely different to them. Appreciate their voice. An opportunity to partake in American Freedom of speech does not come often for them. Lastly, all contributors will remain anonymous to protect them.

Articles By Country

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