Freedom Of Speech In India

Freedom Of Speech In India

The Political Power is no doubt the highest among all!
Political Leaders enjoy the highest power while sitting in their mansions. You ask about Freedom Of Speech In India? No one can speak anything against politicians because of their highly recognized image. Indian politicians talk all the time about democracy, but indeed, they cannot deal with criticism against themselves.
There are many countries in the whole world where there is not 100% freedom to speak or in other words, no Freedom of Speech. But when we compare this to countries like America, Indians find that the People of America enjoys the real freedom or “Democracy”. Democracy consists of two things. First of all end of dictatorship rule and second is the freedom of speech which the citizens of a country would enjoy.
There are many counties which are democratic, but its citizens don’t have the freedom to speak or express their views like Americans who can mock their political leaders. Americans can say anything about their political leaders which is a great thing but also very rare. In most other countries, like India, it is considered as a crime if you speak any terrible thing against a political leader. You could be prosecuted and severe action could be taken against you.

Freedom Of Speech: India Compared To America

India Location On Globe via WikipediaIn India, you cannot even put a single Tweet against the ruling party or any other prominent political leaders. Because if by any chance that tweet or post would go viral or picked up by any media around the country then be ready for prosecutions against you. Yes, it might sound weird but it’s the truth, and only this much democracy Indians have.

Where on another hand, in America, people can post anywhere “anything” either in contradiction of their political leaders or in favour of them. On YouTube, Indians have seen thousands of videos where American people are somehow cussing and weirdly talking bad things about their President and other leaders, but nothing has happened to them. It is what makes America different from other nations around the world because people can discuss anything either good or bad about anyone because it is their right to be freely speak anything.
There have been many incidents in India in which citizens of India have posted any post on Facebook or tweeted something against any political party on Twitter and which resulted very badly for them. Either they got prosecuted or they have been put directly in jail. I would like to share two incidents that happened in India. Where ordinary people shared their views over the internet or through newspaper which resulted in a legal action against them. Afterword you will know how much of a democratic country India is?

Examples Of Freedom Of Speech In India

The first incident is from 2012 involved a political cartoonist named Aseem Trivedi. Aseem, who is a social activist as well as also known for his work against corruption through cartoons, got arrested and put in jail due to the content of his work. He was charged with allegations of disrespecting national emblem, Parliament, flag and constitution through his anti-corruption cartoons as well as also got accused of sedition. He actively works against internet censorship which is a much-needed aspect in India. After Aseem was released from jail, he said that “free speech is in danger in India” which was true then and still now it is true.

The second incident is a YouTube channel name AIB’s co-founder, Tanmay Bhat. Tanmay is a stand-up comedian and scriptwriter. In 2016, a complaint was lodged against him when he posted a video on his YouTube channel mimicking Sachin Tendulkar (Cricket Legend) and Lata Mangeshkar (Music Legend). The video went viral, and fans of these two personalities got hurt, and a group of people filed a complaint against him in the local Police station. Tanmay avoided prosecution, lucky for him! These two incidents shows the current vulnerable situation in India where an ordinary person can’t even express their views in public.

It Is Written But Is Not So

According to Article 19(1)(a) of Indian Constitution, all citizens have the right to freedom of speech and expression. Freedom of Speech and expression means the right to express one’s convictions and opinions freely by words of mouth, writing, printing, pictures or any other mode. However, with Freedom Of Speech In India, the ground reality is far away from this amendment. In fact, responsible citizens of India would think a hundred times before putting a comment or a post against any political leader or against any person who has a huge fan following. Indians have to think about the consequences which can happen after that.
But the scenario in democratic countries like America is different. People of America are free to speak or express their views in public and by any means possible. They should be thankful for that because they enjoy their rights to the extent which other countries citizens, like India and many others, cannot enjoy. Freedom of Speech plays an essential role in creating the overall image of any country. The citizens of countries where there is free speech tend to grow exponentially in every aspect than other countries where there is no free speech.

The American Model

Americans are fortunate because Indians have seen on Twitter and YouTube many times that they speak and express their views openly. They are not afraid of anyone; They are not worried about circumstances or any legal actions against them because the People of America are well aware of their rights and they know what they are doing. But in India even after knowing their rights, a person cannot speak anything immoral against any prominent person because there is no full freedom of Speech at to that extent which Americans have.

Other than these two incidents, which we have discussed above, scenarios like these are very common in India. But as people are getting educated about the concept of freedom of Speech in India and have also started to walk in the footsteps of nations like America and others. Indians would never enjoy the freedom of speech as Americans experience, but yes, it is true that India is also moving towards giving its citizen full freedom of Speech.

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