PresidentialPaper.com was conceived to embellish the unique freedom of speech we have in The United States of America. The freedom to make jokes about political figures, even the head of our great nation, The President Of The United States Of America. As Americans we tend to forget that we have this freedom without negative recourse. While many times the political state of America has our people divided laughter tends to bring us closer together.

Our goal at PresidentialPaper.com is to help unite the American public through laughter with gag gifts. Share this website with your friends, no matter their political view. Embrace the freedoms that you enjoy; like flushing toilet paper down the toilet rather than putting it in a basket next to it. Or having (relatively) clean drinking water coming from your tap. Large cars and paved roads … and best of all the freedom to have an opinion openly.

Thanks for laughing and love your fellow American as best you can.