The perfect gag gift makes everyone laugh and there is no better gag gift than toilet paper with Donald J. Trump printed on it. Everyone agrees, whether its to help clean up a mess or to kiss your sasafrass, Trump Toilet Paper is THE OFFICIAL way to welcome the new president.

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PresidentialPaper.com is the Official website of President Gag Gifts. Before Trump, there was Obama. Before Obama, there was Bush ... and on and on. Each POTUS or President Of The United States inevitably becomes the butt of any joke. PresidentialPaper.com is no different. We make it easy for you to find gifts that make fun of The President.

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Silencing Free Speech World View On American Freedom Of Speech - World View On American Freedom Of Speech Operating a website like PresidentialPaper.com without fear of prosecution is an honor. As an American I enjoy the freedom to speak my mind via any media I choose. As a result, freedom prompted me to start this series of articles to give my American Brothers and Sisters a window looking in at themselves. The article series “World View On American Freedom Of Speech” will feature articles written by people in other countries around the world. Countries that do not have the same liberty that we Americans enjoy. Countries that inflict persecution against people that exercise freedom of speech. My Fellow Americans … Lest We Forget In our comfortable American environment it is becoming clear that, for the most part, we take our freedom for granted. Facebook post bashing a politician? Americans do not have to think twice about stuff like that. We have …

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Realizing Trump Gag Gift Necessity Realizing Trump Gag Gift Necessity - Whether you love or hate Trump realizing Trump gag gift necessity isn’t going to change. For readers that are older lets think back to the Presidents of the past. Every President in history has been the point of a punchline. Reagan and jelly beans, or forgetting. Carter and peanuts. Nixon being a crook. Accordingly, Trumps hair. Benefit Of Realizing Trump Gag Gift Necessity I know many Trump supporter who felt achievement when Trump won the presidency. Alternatively I know many Clinton supporters who felt defeated. Consequently in both cases the emotional swing was immense. While the majority have moved on with daily life, it doesn’t take much to get them fired up again. Here in lies the benefit of realizing Trump gag gift necessity. Laughter is always the best medicine. Thus Trump gag gifts should be embraced by both Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump supporters, as long as you stop to realize …
Pigs Kissing Your Privacy Goodbye Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye! - With all of the hype of controversial topics surrounding President Trump taking office and the riot and protests that ensued you may not have noticed what happened April 3rd 2017. Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye! President Donald J. Trump Signs H.J.Res. 69, H.J.Res. 83, H.R. 1228, S.J.Res. 34 into Law But what does that mean? Reading through the press release as seen at www.whitehouse.gov there are 4 items that were signed into law. “H.J.Res. 69, which nullifies the Department of the Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Service’s final rule relating to non-subsistence takings of wildlife on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska;” This means that people can now remove dead animals from National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska. Doesn’t seem like a huge deal but when you consider decomposition in an ecosystem it quite possibly may have negative effects. “H.J.Res. 83, which nullifies the Department of Labor’s rule titled Clarification of Employer’s Continuing Obligation …
National Guard Rescues Houston Flood Victims Texas News Is Bigger Than Trump - Texas News Is Bigger Than Trump In the midst of Hurricane Harvey President Trump paid the underwater wasteland a visit to commend local officials on their “epic” reactions to the over 15 Trillion gallons of water that has poured down on the city and surrounding suburbs. There is so much water in fact that portions of Louisiana have been effected by the deluge. While the water continues to invade Texas residents homes and businesses spirits seem somewhat lifted when Trump said “Texas can handle anything!” giving displaced families in nearby Corpus Christi home that the flood waters will recede soon. Social Media outlets have been booming too commending and criticizing how Americans far and wide have been reacting to the floods. Small teams of Americans with boats, large trucks and Jeeps have been posting requesting trapped civilians reply with their location and they will come to help. So far over …
American Freedom Of Political Humor The Power of Satire - The Power of Satire Most Americans don’t recognize how lucky they are to be living in a free country where they can make jokes about their leaders. The power of satire shows when entire TV stations and various media outlets are solely dedicated to making fun of presidents. It is something that never happened and probably will never occur in any other country on earth. Even laws are set in place to prevent prosecution of any media personality who would mock the president. Everybody is welcome to say whatever they want, and no one could force them into silence. The crucial role that satire plays in the political scene is its ability to humanize those who are in power, so it is easier to stand against them. In some way, satire brings down influential political figures to the level of everyday people. Therefore, those leaders are no longer god-like people …
President Trump and Vladimir Putin At The 2017 Hamburg G 20 Summit Trumps Second Trip To The EU and Russia - Trumps Second Trip To The EU and Russia President Donald Trump returned from his overseas trip to Europe. This was Trumps Second Trip To The EU and Russia. The trip was full of action. He flew to Warsaw, Poland and gave “a major speech,” and met Polish and Baltic leaders. He then headed to Hamburg, Germany, to attend the G20 meeting. Here are the highlights of the trip. 1. Trump and Putin first meeting. The peak of the trip. For the first time since he won the election, Trump sat in one room with Putin. Trump and Putin discussed several issues. Most notably the allegations that Russia hacked the 2016 election in Trump’s favor. Putin and his foreign minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Trump agreed with Russia’s dismissing it as “fake news.” They said that Trump told them some in the U.S. had “exaggerated” Russia’s ability. U.S. Secretary of State …
Grover Cleveland President That Hid Surgery Strength And The Presidency - Strength And The Presidency How do strength and the Presidency go together? It is hard to imagine The President Of The United States Of America in anything other than good health. After all they are the figurehead of the greatest nation on earth today. The POTUS has access to the best doctors, the most advanced medical techniques and an almost unlimited proactive healthcare budget. When is the last time you heard of The President having something so small as a common cold? Can’t think of one. Lets be serious for a moment, The President is a human being just like you and I. President Reagan had some issues in the 80’s but that was quickly swept under the rug, in typical US political hush hush manner, and he went on to complete a his 2 term Presidency successfully. In recent years President Grover Cleveland’s oral cancer tumor has been spotlighted …

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